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Faslane 30 Days Of Action: Update And Final Call Out

May 24, 2012

Dear fellow anti-nuclearist/ peaceist/ anti-militarist/ anarchist/ willing-to-stand-up-and-be-counted -ist, You are being invited to the 30th Anniversary of resistance at Faslane!

As of June 12th this year, the Peace Camp will have been in existence for 30 years. Whilst it is great that there has been such dedication from thousands over the years, the radioactive beast still hasn’t been chased from it’s lair! A 30 Day campaign of anti-nuclear insubordination, from June 9th to July 9th, has thus been planned.

You can find details of some of the public events listed chronologically in the next post, but for the most part, there will be artful insurgency throughout of a nature we would prefer not to disclose to “the powers that be”…Energies and custodial time willing, we hope to take non-violent direct action at least once a day! And not just at Faslane, oh no! So do come along whenever you can and you will find actions waiting to happen via autonomous, inclusive, consensus based planning and participation. Everyone is welcome (except for undercover police officers… We have trained a dog to sniff you out. You have been warned.) Fun, frolics, vegan feasts and brushes with the law are all guaranteed! With a vote on Scottish Independence and Trident replacement in waiting this is the time for a renewed campaign of resistance. 

There are scenic camping spots and vegan food will be provided for all meals (donations for which will be gratefully received from those who can afford it). Caravans will be allocated on a needs basis first so do let us know in advance. We can answer questions and queries by email or phone us on 01436 820901 or 07511793227 Please proliferate this in any way that you can.

We love you and need your help to be very naughty throughout our 30 Day campaign, Faslane Peace Camp

P.S. THIS IS NOT A PARTY. The sole intention of this campaign is to resurrect an anti nuclear campaign at Faslane that has long been waning at a time when it is most essential in connection to the Scottish Independence debate, Trident replacement and a potential for actual nuclear decommissioning in the UK. Repeat, THIS IS NOT A PARTY. Do come if you wish to be part of a big team of loveliness, direct action and action support. Do not come if you want a party.


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