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June 17th: Day 1 of the 30 Days of action: “Nuclear Disarmament. If Not Now, When?”

June 9, 2012

On the first day of the Faslane Peace Camp 30 days of action, three Faslane Peace Campers dropped a huge banner from the Clydebank landmark gantry crane in Glasgow. Our message read: “Nuclear Disarmament. If Not Now, When?”!

Planning to make a day of it, the three intrepid climbers took a packed lunch and some literature. The police were on scene immediately but seemed content to await the campers voluntary descent. After 14 hours the three decided to climb down and were immediately arrested, charged with breaching her majesty’s peace and and detained for court on Monday morning. The court case will take place in November.

This was the first of many anti-nuclear actions to mark the 30th anniversary of the Camp. In this run up to a Scottish Independence Referendum coupled with the Westminster vote on Trident replacement in waiting, we have a very real chance to affect the shape of the future UK nuclear defence. Scotland holds the key to UK nuclear disarmament! If not now, when?!

Now is the time for a renewed anti-nuclear insurgency!


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