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Four Olympic Gold Medal Winners arrested at Faslane Naval Base on Monday 11th June!

June 11, 2012

Faslane Peace Camp were very pleased to welcome the Trident Ploughshares affinity group, Gareloch Hortis who were among the first to come and take part in our 30th birthday 30days of action. Whilst the rest of the UK was experiencing the official Olympics mania, the group fittingly staged their own Peace Olympics at the North Gate of the Faslane naval base. Afterall,  peace making was the founding intention of the Olympic Games! Their message of peace and disarmament was conveyed artfully through fun events like synchronised swimming and putting the Haggis. However, some ulterior motives for the event began to emerge when the Hortis staged a game of tug of war across the middle of the North Gate! The four strong tugging team were swiftly apprehended by the Ministry of Defence police and spent the rest of the day in custody at Clydebank police station.

The event drew attention to the continued presence of the illegal and most deadly war-i- waiting in Scotland, and within the other nuclear nations, and framed it in the context of the hypocrisy of the sportsmanship of the Olympic Games when in reality, we live in a world categorised by fear and brutality. The real race world leaders are engaged in is the race for power and control over that fear and brutality. At the b winners’ podium highlighted that the only way to win the Race for Peace is to lay down the weapons of mass destruction.


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