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Day 2 of the Peace Camp’s Thrity Days of Action… all the campers are in the hills.

June 11, 2012

On the second day of the 30 Days of Action, folks from the peace camp and a few of our friends decided to go for a ‘leisurely walk’ around the perimeter of the supposedly top secret, high security Coulport nuclear weapons depot, where the Trident warheads are stockpiled.

We split up into several groups, starting from different points around the fence. Each group had the mission of navigating their section of the perimeter unseesn and attaching a message of peace.

Once you scramble through the brambles and roddies, the vast weld mesh and razor wired fence of Coulport ,with it’s watch towers and hundreds of cctv cameras comes in to sight. A lengthy grey scar on the beautiful landscape, it never ceases to shock or disappoint. Surprisingly, for anyone expecting this to be the most secure military site in the UK, we were able to walk along the ramparts unnoticed for quite some time, allowing us to pick the perfect spot to hang our banners. Such a feat of going unseen in the hills up there is not too surprising for those of us who know slack the security can be.

After an hour or so we were sighted, either by civilian police cctv operators or military who sit in the looming watchtowers. MoD police dog handlers and police on quad bikes soon caught up with the groups, but not before a wee game of cat and mouse.

We were all herded off the rainy hills and sent on our merry way back to the camp for tea and biscuits. As always, hiking in the amazing hills around Coulport and seeing first hand the juxtaposition of the razor wire with the stunning landscape, feeling the scurry of the police on quads when you have gotten too close to the beast’s liar, really solidifies the blight that Trident is on Scotland.


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