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The base is blocked again!

June 19, 2012

At 7 o’ clock this morning eight activists from Faslane Peace Camp blockade both main gates to the Faslane naval base, home to the entire British nuclear weapons programme and nuclear armed submarine fleet. Three people with lock-ons closed the road leading to the South Gate. Five people with lock-ons attempted to blockade the North Gate but two were huckled by police prior to locking on and were arrested. The rest were able to spread out and block entry to most of the gate. The base was in “lockdown” for 30 minutes and it was further 90 minutes before the cutting team had cleared the protestors away from the North Gate. The South Gate was closed for a total of 3hours.

An international activist added: “This blockade was a very international one. People from all parts of Britain and activists from Spain and Sweden were involved. I think that it is my right and my duty as a global citizen to do nonviolent direct actions against nuclear weapons as long as our governments do not fulfill their duty to disarm. Nuclear weapons are illegal under international law and humanitarian law governing necessary and proportionate use of force. Nuclear disarmament would be a first step to a more peaceful world.”

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  1. Uncle Phill permalink

    Fantastic! Well done! Love to all of you!

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