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The peace march: aching feet, nuclear weapons and the Clyde

June 24, 2012

“We got a lot of attention from people walking past when we started of in Glasgow and everybody had a look at our banners” said one of the participants of the Peace March from George Square in Glasgow to the Faslane Naval Base.  On Thursday morning about 20 people started of in the city center of Glasgow. The troup was formed by members of the Peacecamp, the CND and a group of Greenpeace activists from Edinburgh. Everybody was in a cheerful mood and started walking along the Clyde. During the day some people dropped out and in the evening the Peace March reached Dumbarton where the peace activists set up their tents and were provided with a meal. ” Our feet and legs were aching the next morning, but nevertheless everybody headed of full of motivation to reach our final goal at the south gate of the Faslane Naval Base. I was mainly motivated by the fact that I want to show my opposition to nuclear weapons to all the people we were passing.” explained a peace activist. Another participant added that he really enjoyed the reassuring beeps by passing cars. In Helensburgh they were joined by three more peace activists and had a lovely lunch. In the evening the group arrived finally at the Peace Camp and after a nice chat about their experiences the peace walkers fell into their beds.

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