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First time for french nuclear armed sub in Faslane

August 7, 2012
A French submarine, which we believe to be Le Triomphant nuclear armed submarine was towed into Faslane Naval base on Thursday. This is the first time that a French nuclear armed submarine has berthed at Faslane.

It is unclear whether or not the sub was brought in unscheduled after running into difficulty at sea or if this was a planned friendly naval exercise. We have been keeping an eye on it since it’s arrival and it appears to be having minimal work done to it but nothing major.

The process of bringing it in to the base was long and drawn out in comparison to Trident manoeuvres, no doubt due to the fact that the tug operators and base personnel were dealing with a nuclear armed and powered submarine that they were unaccustomed to. This raises all kinds of safety concerns. Namely that the MoD and emergency services safety measures, procedures and risk assessments at Faslane do not encompass the French submarine system.

In addition, it could have great political significance for Scotland with the SNP recently announcing a proposed reversal of it’s anti-Nato stance, which we believe is a significant mitigation of their anti-nuclear weapons stance. This sets precedent of Scotland hosting the nuclear weapons of a Nato ally (with the exclusion of the US with whom the UK have long been in cahoots with over their nuclear weapons system) which could become a strategic advantage to Scotland within Nato as, even if Trident was removed from an independent Scotland, the facilities at Faslane and Coulport could remain to host and support foreign nuclear weapons submarines.In 2010 Paris and London inked an accord that would enable bilateral cooperation on nuclear arms scientific studies. The two countries have agreed to construct a nuclear weapons research laboratory in France that will employ British technology for carrying out hydrodynamic trials on dummy bombs.We reported this to the national media but it appears that all are too busy reporting the Olympics to take gross issues of public safety into account.


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