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Peace Camp NTNSC Demonstration at SNP HQ Thursday October 4th

October 7, 2012

Faslane Peace Camp and friends took to the streets of Edinburgh on Thursday to create a memorial to the civilians and soldiers killed in the 11yr Nato led war in Afghanistan. The activists drew little persons in an attempt to represent each individual killed in the war that has decimated Afghanistan and lost all but some support at home. The countless civilian deaths were represented with white chalk figures (over 20,000 were managed) and the Nato military deaths (3,195) in coloured chalk figures forming a pathway from the SNP Part HQ in Jackson’s Entry to the Holyrood Parliament.

A statement from the camp said “we were acting as part of the No To Nato Scotland Coalition and our point was to generate media and public awareness of the SNP’s proposed Nato policy u-turn, which the party leadership are backing at the party conference on Friday 19th October in Perth. We are urging the SNP leadership to rethink this weak move which will undoubtedly have ramifications for their commitment to Trident removal as well as having moral implications far beyond the issue of nuclear weapons.
“Nato facilitates nuclear proliferation and acts as a shroud of legitimacy for aggressive US foreign policy which has directly resulted in countless deaths of innocent civilians. It is inconsistent with the SNP party’s longstanding opposition to nuclear weapons and illegal wars. In the event of an independent Scotland, the SNP will undoubtedly be in a privileged position and, if this pro-Nato move goes ahead, we will find ourselves in Nato, bound by the will of the US and UK on nuclear weapons issues as well as belligerent and self interested foreign policy.
“The debate on Nato membership is an issue for the people of Scotland, treating it as an internal party issue is an insult to the very people who will be voting for independence in the name of positive change, peace and nuclear disarmament.”

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