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SNP leadership (marginally) wins the vote on Nato, but not the battle!

October 20, 2012

We hung about outside the conference centre in Perth yesterday struggling to hear the debate from the loud speakers inside. Three anarchists in the pissing rain desperate to hear the outcome of the most disappointing and depressing display of first past the post politics! (If I ever needed proof that the way we do things by consensus is ultimately superior, it was the embarrassing leadership “win” over amendment 3 yesterday.)

It was a good debate as the SNP will tell you. It was. Sadly, arms were twisted and lines were toed and the voice of reason lost. Was it Kenny MacAskill who admitted running around Europe for the last two years courting other Nato members? Perhaps a clue into where the SNP have developed the ludicrous notion that Nato membership will somehow help them on the road to disarmament. Regardless, those speaking against were with feeling, passion and righteousness, those for the resolution sounded calculated, over rationalised and spineless.The direct aftermath saw many disillusioned delegates leave in disgust and at least a few rip up their delegate cards as they left, saying they were “looking for a new party”. Some have called this the SNP’s “Clause 4 moment”, which might be a slight overstatement, but there will no doubt be ramifications even the leadership won’t be expecting. Let the fall out commence (excuse the pun)! This was a situation of winning the vote but not the debate.
Why the SNP are hell bent on going down the road of “nothing will change with independence so don’t worry!” to win the referendum is still anyone’s guess.
Yesterday was resounding proof that a clearer line needs to be drawn in the sand between the Yes Campaign as whole and the SNP leadership’s (ever diluting) vision of an independent Scotland.

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