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Radiation leak on nuclear submarine

February 18, 2013

HMS “Tired” had a wee teeny tiny radiation leak of the coast of Scotland last week. So tiny that that the MoD saw fit not to inform anyone of the incident for ten days. The submarine was brought to dock at Faslane for an unknown period of time immediately after the accident, but has now apparently been returned to its home at Devonport. The Trafalgar Class submarines (the “hunter killer” family of subs to which HMS Tireless belongs) are due to be replaced by the new Astute Class submarines that will be based at the Faslane Naval Base as soon as their new dock, within the Trident high security area, is finished. These too have been plagued with reactor problems with none of them currently operational. There are two Astute Class subs based at Faslane at the moment, one of which appears to be having extensive, ongoing reactor work done.

HMS Tireless made headlines just over a decade ago when it was forced to dock in Gibralter for one year after the nuclear reactor cooling pipe cracked, sparking fears of a nuclear meltdown.


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