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Faslane Peace Camp: New Strawbale Visitors Centre & Communal Space

June 21, 2013

At Faslane Peace Camp, we are starting to build a new visitors’ centre and communal space, and we could use your support.

As you know, the peace camp has recently celebrated its 31st birthday, and with the current dry weather, before the winter comes in, now seems like a good time to start building.

If you have some spare time, and would like to help and learn eco-building skills, we would like to invite you to come and help with the construction. If you can contribute to the building funds, our current target is to raise 3,100 GBP, 100 pounds for every year of the peace camp.

The new building will be a sustainable straw-bale/earth building with rainwater-harvesting, turf roof, bottle walls, double glazing, thermal mass heater… and will be built with a mix of ecological, sustainable and long-term usable recycled materials.

Even if you are not an eco-building-guru, your help is very welcome – we have many tasks that we can use unskilled help with, like making bottle walls, plastering, making mosaic, painting etc.

We will start building the frame structure on July 2, 2013, and straw-bale walls will be put in starting the last week of August, so we can, ideally, complete the building before winter comes.

What about the current building?
Our old building needs replacement: it is becoming too damp and dusty, the insulation is being eaten by the mice (who seem to enjoy living in it) and so we are burning too much wood because the heat goes out too quickly. The solar power system also needs to be upgraded.

What does your current budget look like?
Straw bale walls: 750 GBP
Solar system upgrade; new batteries, controller and solar panels; 600 GBP
Transport costs: 300 GBP
Other costs: 1450 GBP

How can I donate?
You can donate money to our bank account, or alternatively online via various crowd-funding websites which will be linked from our facebook profile in a couple of days. You can also donate materials or your help with building the new visitors’ center.

Materials for donation
For the building, we can use the following materials. Please contact us if you have any of these available for us: Bottles (for the bottle walls), pallets, wood, windows, doors, plastic sheeting, soil, clay, tiles (for mosaic), good furniture (sofas, tables), kitchen, woodstove, water and chimney pipes, tools, stones (for the floor), good carpets, electric wires. If you have other items which you think can be useful, please send an email to us so we can have a look at it.

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