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Willowing, weaving, and wonky windows.

October 14, 2013

We are moving forward!
After finally seeing our frames standing on their own, we could move on to free running. we climbed the naked roof and braced it, dug the floor to the right level, had a few jams in the exposed attic, collected new materials and didn’t fall down once!

With a group of a dozen or more,the structure is now starting to feel like home.

We are now going into details…

We have many new materials now, from just around the corner… Willow, birch, logs to cut in our homemade saw mill and a great desire for more… Look for hints throughout the page.

We got our tin roof.. Though we forgot one piece which we still need to bring from Glasgow. We screwed it down on the weekend and are nearly sheltered on one side. ,


The inside of the walls is going to be weaved in order to hold the natural plastering. So, we are collecting and de leafing birch, willow and bamboo, occasionally in jungle outfits and bringing them back to our weavers which are slowly creating a solid wall.


Along with thinking of the inside, it is always important to think of what you look like from the outside… Not really.. Anyways- during the weekend, a sawmill has been put together on camp and we are now waking up every morning to the gentle hum of the chainsaw cutting out beautiful wonky planks.


We also have a window. It has been cleaned spotless, and we have the first book placed on its inside shelf. Only three more to go, when we find or magically wake up in the morning to long and straight planks of wood. Hint hint…
In between the windows we are putting plywood which will be our canvases for the winter.


And then… Something happened! While digging the ground we discovered the end of a red cloth. We pulled and it revealed itself as a roman emperor. Well actually- as a blanket. And then we found beside it a plastic hello kitty fork.. And then- the skeleton of a small animal. We kept the pieces and are still in search of an answer for the mystery- what was buried in the ground- cat, rat or dog?
We have no hints, besides one plastic spoon…

And now… There is more to come. Our hands are full of cuts, our backs ache and we are still alive!

Still to come: road trip to cladco to get the missing pieces of our roof puzzle, finish the weaving on both walls and creating more planks for the outside… Then finally getting our warm sheep’s wall for insulation…
We are soon closing the other side of the roof with plywood and tarp (until we get our beautiful shingles)… All materials we do not currently have.

Everyone and anyone is welcome everyday to pitch in. We have probably five weeks until the coldness takes over, and it’s always better to weave with company. We are waiting for materials and presents.

Wish us luck…

Last proud picture


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