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Guerillas run amok in peace award frenzy

November 22, 2013

Political film-making group Camcorder Guerillas recently celebrated their 10th birthday with an awards ceremony in Glasgow´s Govanhill Baths, at which the work of around thirty campaigning organisations was celebrated. Three of the awards were presented to anti-nuclear groups associated with Faslane, including one to the Peace Camp for being ´the world´s oldest peace camp´. A padlock inside a display case commemorated the camp´s success in regular ´lock-downs´of the submarine base, or perhaps campers´propensity for defying locks, chains, and fences.

Another award was given to the North Gate vigil — a golden sou-wester to honour their dedication and constancy. This was handed over during the vigil itself, and demonstrators were quick to point out to the attendant police that, although both groups were regularly stood in the rain of a Wednesday afternoon, the wider world actually liked the vigil for its efforts.

Finally, a gilded pair of binoculars highlighted the work of convoy-spotters Nukewatch, and their role in monitoring and campaigning against the Ministry of Defence´s regular encroachments on Civvy Street.


Each award was representative of countless hours of tireless committment, including in some cases many sleepless nights and time spent in custody. It was fantastic to see the Guerillas take the opportunity to recognise these potentially under-appreciated campaigners, and hopefully encourage further interest in their activities.

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