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Music and Our Message

November 22, 2013

Those of you who aren’t in the West of Scotland will be interested in the upcoming benefit gig organised by our awesome friends in London. It’s a mostly hardcore / queercore line-up, it’s at T Chances in Tottenham on November 30th, we want to go to it, and you definitely should.


Meanwhile, back at the nuclear weapons base, peace campers recently raised some noise at North Gate by playing a selection of songs from Penny Stone’s book ’50 Years of Scottish Songs for Nuclear Disarmament’ (reviewed here) on guitar and ukelele. Classics such as ‘What Shall We Do with the Nuclear Waste’, ‘Freedom Come All Ye’, and ‘Ding Dong Dollar’ echoed round the lochside for the first time in a long time. This was fun, but more importantly, it gave us a real sense of connection to a history of politics and protest which pre-dates the Peace Camp; ‘Ding Dong Dollar’ was the cover song of an album of anti-Polaris songs released to support the campaign in 1962. We’ll certainly be playing together again, and with an increased repertoire.

Talking of benefit albums, ours remains available online. Alternatively, real copies made from actual plastic and cardboard should soon be available at the camp or at any stall we happen to be doing. There’ll be one of those tomorrow, at the Radical Independence Conference, then as regularly as we can manage in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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