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The Culture of Resistance

May 14, 2014

The Peace Camp renewed its claim to the title of ‘Cultural Capital of the Gareloch’ by playing host to not one, but two musical performances during April. We’ve also got a formidable artist-in-residence at the moment, of whom more later.

Tunesmithery kicked-off in stellar fashion with a visit from roving anarcho-Dylan David Rovics. Perched precariously atop a table beside a roaring bonfire, Rovics rocked campers old and new with favourites including ‘I’m a Better Anarchist than You’ and ‘The Depleted Uranium Song’. Voices were raised to support the pitch-perfect performance in true cultural-commons style.

Within days, the improvised Main Stage had swelled to accommodate a whole band for formerly-of-Arab-Strap singer-songwriter Aidan Moffat and designated documentarian Paul Fegan’s ‘Where You’re Meant To Be’ tour. As the informed would expect from this pedigree, the songs ranged from bawdy to heart-breaking and sometimes spanned both characterisations. Inevitably, the same weather which originally made Faslane a good site for a sub base (for a few years in the 50‘s until the first Russian satellite went up) prevailed, but the intrepid were rewarded with a gig which was warmly reviewed in some quarters, if divisively in others.

Meanwhile, anartist Lavinia and her Michaelangelic team of assistants have been busily redecorating the caravan which will take Peace Camp to a music festival or pop-up public appearance at a town or city near you (particularly if you live in Scotland; maybe not if you aren’t on this island). We’ll be offering agitation and propaganda, circus and musical performances, workshops, tea and biscuits, and/or some combination of the above as the cookie crumbles, at locations and dates to be announced, until Referendum Day when we’ll ditch it at Faslane’s North Gate, pull the wheels off, and pile in to full-body lock-ons of neoprene, bitumen, and steel. Probably. In fact the van’s already looking too good to be spent on a blockade, even a good one… But of course, all resources of the camp are expendable in pursuit of direct action…

Speaking of which, we could use some decent ladders. Only short ones or ones which are too heavy for practical portability are left on-site. Thanks if you can sort that out. We’re also wide open to suggestions as to where and when to take our touring van, or offers of assistance, so please send them our way.

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