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Roll On the Festive Season – Eden etcetera

June 19, 2014

The amazing-looking Peace Camp touring van has been out and about at one of Scotland’s biggest festivals, moving the message to Moffat for the Eden Festival.
Weeks of hard work got this show on the road, meaning our mans-and-womans-with-a-van were effectively working a double shift. Getting time-and-a-half on our rate of £0 / hour, they really came through for the cause, lending festival-goers their rounded understanding of nuclear warfare and what to do about it (hint: don’t vote No).
Newly-minted propaganda and painstakingly-printed T-shirts went like hot cakes, only more political. That said, sharing hot cake at Peace Camp realises the joys of full communism, and we may try and have some on our next outing.

Speaking of that, although there’ll be some leafletting at Glasto this weekend, our next confirmed appointment with the full shebang is yet remote in July, at Audiosoup. Between now and then, we’ll be going after people where they live, canvassing it up somewhere, soon. Look out for our van (police excepted).

Note: the pictures show our van at other places. They’ll be replaced in due course.

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  1. Love ur Blog 🙂

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