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No pasaran! or: how to stop worrying and block the Bomb

July 15, 2014

The MoD’s nuclear convoy found itself in difficulty on the home stretch of its journey to Coulport last Friday morning as it was delayed for an hour by a Peace Camp blockade.

Campers used superglue and lock-on clips to stop the convoy on the ‘haul road’ from Loch Lomond to Coulport, just off the A82, at around one o’clock. Following the action, four were taken into custody and held over the weekend, with three later being released without prosecution. One was bailed to appear in court in October, charged with breach of the peace and resisting arrest.

The nuclear convoy is part of the regular servicing of the Trident warheads deployed on Faslane’s submarines. It comprises between three and five warhead carriers with support vehicles and a police and military escort, which travels Britain’s main motorways from the south-east of England to the west coast of Scotland. There isn’t a population centre in the country safe from the potential impact of a nuclear accident with this transport.

It’s a very clear example of how the practical elements of sustaining Trident represent a major public safety threat, quite aside from the moral and legal considerations of maintaining nuclear weapons. The secrecy and lack of accountability accorded to the MoD make it clear that its operations are considered untouchable. It’s for this reason that direct action and awareness-raising are so important, to present a challenge to the Ministry’s autocracy and mobilise wider resistance to it.

Thanks to all for their kind messages of support, and to those who contributed practically on the night.

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