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Not Protest, but Active Resistance

September 5, 2014


The new exhibition by Peace Camper Lavinia Raccanello is still open at New Glasgow Society in Argyle Street, near Kelvingrove. Three new works inspired by the artist’s time at the Camp over the spring and summer, plus a collection of archive material from the protest site, are on display.


Most of the nicer artwork to have appeared at the Camp over the duration has been attributable to Lavinia, including such banners as have been carted by Peace Campers on recent demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

She can also take credit for the singular look of the Camp’s touring van, which has been acclaimed by all those lucky enough to have seen it out and about. There will hopefully be more chances to view it in action soon.

Mere painting’s not the limit of Lavinia’s contribution though – she’s been present and correct and pitching-in with the rest of us since March, playing a part in essentially all of the interesting things to happen in that time. From each according to their means? Aye, and then some.


So where can you meet this person? And where can you see their cool work? The work remains in situ at New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street, Glasgow until Sunday night. There will follow a closing event, “Not Protest, but Active Resistance?”, comprising a discussion of direct action with particular reference to the anti-nuclear movement. That starts at 6pm on the 7th September, in the same venue, and attendees will include the artist herself and some fellow Peace Campers past and present. All are welcome – nay, encouraged! – to come and join in.

Photographs by Lavinia Raccanello.

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