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Faslane security breached again!

May 27, 2015

Security and safety concerns at Britain’s top nuclear sites were highlighted again as a protester was arrested last night having breached security at the Fuel Oil Depot adjacent to Faslane, home of the UK’s Trident submarines. The trespasser, a resident of the Faslane Peace Camp, was able to enter the facility undetected. The activist is currently in police custody and is expected to be released later today.

In a pre-written statement, the Peace Camper declared: “This action is designed to highlight the sheer vulnerability of the sites to those of malign intentions. Huge volumes of fuel are stored in a poorly-secured depot and fuel jetties, and a fire or explosion would cause chaos at the submarine base next door, for which fire is a major hazard.

“We’ve been incredibly lucky that these sites haven’t been targeted by terrorists who would surely identify and exploit such vulnerability. Rather than protecting us, Trident is a liability.”

The break-in comes ahead of Thursday’s Parliamentary debate on Trident safety following the revelations of poor safety and security practice disclosed by submariner William McNeilly. Among issues highlighted by Mc Neilly were the possibility of infiltration of Faslane by terrorists or hostile states.


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