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While waiting to get to bin the bomb, we also cleaned up something else

February 1, 2017

Nothing big this time. Just a little case of littering; some people out there just are slightly ill-mannered.

Today, in the midst of a regular lunch hour and daily doings at the Peace Camp, some uninvited guests from the MoD police marched in to the camp. Some of the campers approached them in an according manner, asking what the heck was this bright idea of a visit about this time.


They presented their business. They had, they said, seen an anonymous person on a bike tossing a plastic bag over the Peace Camp fence, with a needle and other artifacts hinting at substance abuse. They had not only decided to stop to pick it up, but also pop in to ask politely if anyone at the camp would happen to be using heroin or having other doings going on with the mentioned bag.


Goes unmentioned that having such a bag tossed in is disturbing enough as it is: and such questions made many feel even more uncomfortable. After being told to leave the premises the MoD police in fact left, taking their peculiar questions with them.

Peace Campers do like their yards neat and nice. But since the existence of public bins is not clear to all those using public spaces and roads, one does sometimes see a bit too many candy wrappers and splintered bottles on roadsides.

Warheads and nuclear subs are big enough of a garbage problem in our neighborhood. Thus, Peace Campers decided to grab some garbage bags and head out for a little volunteer community work. We weren’t able to bin Trident this time, but at least there’s little less excuses for uninvited visits on the nearby roadsides now!

PS. Like anybody else who has dogs, we do not appreciate having sharp objects of any sort tossed around.



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  1. Brilliant! Great wee action and write up. Good for you, I love it.

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