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Peace Camp looking for caravans: drop us a hint or an offer! Public, we need your help!

February 14, 2017

In 35 years many bits and pieces of the camp infrastructure have risen, fallen and risen again. One of the most characteristic parts of the Peace Camp infrastructure are probably the caravans, which keep on housing the arriving anti-nuclear activists. And we love these caravans, we love them to bits. Literally. Some of the vans are almost as old as the camp itself: and no matter how much love and carpentry you shower them with, eventually they retire themselves.

Well loved, but nothing stays young forever.  Help us to expand our collection of colorful caravans!

Well loved, but nothing stays young forever. Help us to expand our collection of colorful caravans!

Currently, we are renewing many parts of the camp infrastructure and building many things totally new. And this is something we need YOUR help with! You are most welcome to join us in direct activities against the nuclear madness: but there are many other ways to help this struggle, too.

Thus: we are looking for caravans. While facing the need to demolish some of the most worn-out and well-loved caravans, we need to be able to offer new accommodation for both, visitors and residents.

Don’t worry, we’re not too picky: as long as there’s no mold, rot, termites and other not-that-easily-fixable problems, we’re more than happy to come and check every caravan available. With a little bit of carpentry and fixing you can practice small miracles. Outdated interiors and little toothmarks of time are nothing to be worrying about: do not hesitate to give us a ring or to drop an email about caravans you’ve got consuming space there in a garage, nesting at the back of your auntie’s garden, waiting to be replaced by that new and updated model your family has set eyes on.

We will take them for free or agree upon a suitable price: just contact us, and we’ll sort it from there. Help us to head towards the next phase of Peace Camping!

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  1. Reblogged this on Radiation Free Lakeland and commented:
    Want to send your old caravan to a really good home….here’s how!

  2. tiana permalink

    Hey guys. The Warehouse in Calais is still housing a few perfectly serviceable caravans that they want gone. If you can get them back, they’re free. BIG LOVE xxxx

  3. noms permalink

    Hi there is one here. Lived in before the winter hit , put new floor in it. Gas works, heater pain in the arse but work well when its lit….grill is dodgy, when using .carbon monoxide registers on the alarm..skylight over winter time has leaked and not been noticed, so patch in ceiling needing drying and sealing. Erm bout 12/14 foot I reakon. Small caravan towed here withnibrakes but seems ya just need simple fix linkage to to join it up, not moved for a year.. I shall get decent tyres fir it if ya want it … also one I living in , weipert, largest caravan legal for the road, needs bit of work, no burner or cooker, have taken them for new home.. big lovely space. Dry, skylight needs sealing is all, recently lived in , like this week moving out.. used all last summer, good beakes and tyres, not sure now tho towed a dream, the last time. Ready go in a week.

  4. Have a 14ft two berth caravan.. Been living in through winter… It has everything, and everything works… Need to get rid asap, and someone posted me this link on fb… Reply with contact details and how to arrange it’s removal and it’s yours πŸ¦„

    • Hello there, and many thanks for your message! We’ll be sending you an email with needed contacts and other information ASAP. πŸ™‚

  5. heather permalink

    Non of the caravans are anywhere near as old as the site incidentally! The oldest thing onsite is the bus nr the entrance but even that was only bought on in the 90s. The mangle however, predates it!

  6. Angus Johnson permalink

    There’s a caravan in North Uist you can have for free. The door needs a wee repair and the weather has got in a bit, but a bit of work would sort it out.

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