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Nuclear Convoy Spotted

March 6, 2017

The Megadeath merchants are at it again as a Nuclear Weapons Convoy was spotted leaving Burghfield at 9:40 this morning. The Convoy consists of Warhead Load Carriers (3 to 5 massive  dark green trucks), a number of MoD Police escort vehicles and a variety of Military Support Vehicles ( see ).

A Nuclear Weapons Convoy could be carrying Trident nuclear warheads,  travelling empty to collect or having unloaded nuclear warheads, engaged in an exercise simulating the transport of warheads, be en route to or from an accident & emergency exercise on a military base, or transporting “Special Nuclear Materials”.

The warheads contain plutonium and other deadly radioactive materials. With each lorry carrying up to 8kg of plutonium, any accident involving an explosion or fire could lead to a radioactive plume spreading for miles, poisoning a huge area for thousands of years.

This deadly cargo could be travelling through or close to where you live ( see ). There have been a number of accidents in the past and the liklihood of a potentially catastrophic incident has grown as the traffic on British roads continues to increase. Furthermore, in 2004 the MoD changed its 50-year policy on nuclear convoys to allow making the 500 mile road trip in one go, travelling in the dark and without overnight stops: more hazardous and with higher risks to the public.

Please keep your eyes peeled and let us at FPC and Nukewatch know if you see it.

Telephone: Faslane Peace Camp: 07376 188 216

Nukewatch South: 0345 4588 364

Nukewatch North: 0345 4588 365

Nukewatch Mob: 07796 226 488

More information about the Nuclear Weapons Convoys can be found here.


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