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Email: faslanepeacecamp[at]protonmail[dot]com

Telephone: 07376 188 216

Snail mail: Faslane Peace Camp, A814, Shandon near Rhu, Helensburgh, G84 8HL

Real Life: The camp welcomes visitors any time, though please feel free to tell us in advance if you are planning to stay overnight or longer. We offer accommodation in a bunch of caravans and in a bunk bed bus: no need to bring your tent, unless you so prefer. Caravans and the bunk bed bus come with (wood) burners. Bathroom with a tub and a couple of toilets on site, kitchen with gas and wood cookers for anyone to use.

We are situated on the A814 near Helensburgh, very close to HM Naval Base Clyde. To reach us by public transport, take the train from Edinburgh or Glasgow to Helensburgh Central, then the 316 bus from Helensburgh to the camp (ask the driver to drop you off at ‘The Peace Camp stop’ if you’re not sure), the fare is £1.85. By bike, car, or on foot, we’re five miles from Helensburgh along the coastal road.

As fas as ethics are concerned: for the Camp policies, click here.

  1. Dear Peace-campers,

    Happy New Year to all at Faslane – I hope you had a good festive break, and that 2014 has begun well for you and your kin.

    Back in December, the steering group of the 2013 Peace and Justice Pilgrimage which called in at Faslane en route from Iona to London last May agreed to split the £450.00 legacy funds three ways equally between The Faslane Peace Camp, Scottish CND and the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.

    I am holding £150.00 here ready to be delivered to the Faslane Peace Camp. All I need is a bank account number and sort code, and the funds can be available to you in no time. I’m sure the money will come in handy – I’m only sorry we can’t send you more by way of thanks for the Peace Camp’s major contribution to last summer’s Peace and Economic Justice Pilgrimage.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon with details of how to get the legacy donation to Faslane.

    Meanwhile, with warmest regards to everyone at the Peace Camp, and all good wishes for the coming year,

    Andrew Greaves

    Hexham Quakers
    Pilgrimage Coordinator

    • Dear Andrew,
      Thanks so much for the donation. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to the rest of the steering group. Our bank account number is 90658753, sort code 826508.
      If you need any more information it would probably be best to email us:
      Faslane Peace Camp

  2. Luci permalink

    Hi peace campers, my son and myself would love to come and visit you sometime soon, but don’t want to arrive unannounced or empty handed – is there any days which suit you better for visitors and anything I can bring (home baking? Soup? Thanks Luci

    • Hello there! Do not worry, visitors are always welcome! If you so feel, you can drop as a call before and but it is not necessarily. AAA batteries, coffee and toilet paper always appreciated. 😁

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