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Submarine spotting: February sights from the Loch & Faslane naval base (HMNB Clyde)

February 20, 2017

Most people go to the seaside and Loch shores for bird watching or just general pleasant sea views. We here at the Faslane Peace Camp are forced to set our eyes also on the sort of views that should’ve never started to exist or should’ve gotten scrapped a long time ago.

From February we share these selected clips with you, dear viewers. On most of the shots you see an Astute class sub, one from the hunter-killer breed that is not carrying nuclear warheads, but would be protecting those four Vanguard class subs who do.

Lately the media has been bursting with news about lots of sub problems the Royal Navy is struggling with (serves them right, right? – it’s just that you folks are footing the ongoing, ever increasing cost): the Trident misfiring case, the old maintenance issues of the Vanguards and, as the latest catch, the little fact that even the new and improved Astute’s are not exactly in a seafaring condition. Though, this should not come as that big of a surprise: already, back in 2013  the problems with the cost and delivery of these new nuclear-powered Astute subs were set out in uncompromising detail in a report published by the National Audit Office .

Feel like giving us a hand with nuke sub spotting? You’re welcome. We offer what you need: from binoculars to kayaks. The rest is up to you. 😉

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