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Support us

If you cannot come and help out at site or take direct action with us, there is luckily other ways to participate in our struggle.

Even by making a small donation goes a long way at the Faslane Peace Camp and helps us keep doing what we are doing: for example, deal with legal costs and fiddling with action equipment.  sort – 826508 Account- 90658753

Materials and unwanted goods!
We also except donations of any material kind. If you have been cleaning out your shed of any old paint, brushes or building materials like wooden pallets – they are handy for everything on site, as are ply and chip boards of 4x4s and 4x6s.

Firewood, if possible to keep us warm and fed, wood screws and nails or any old rope you may have laying around. We will reuse mostly anything people don’t want anymore or don’t find useful – also any old practical clothing would be very handy like camouflage clothes, boots, thick socks. Below is a more detailed list of some other handy things that would be welcomed at the Camp.

– People to do direct action – here and everywhere!
– Chicken wire
– Quilts/bedding/mattresses
– Candles
– LED battery lights
– Tin plates, bowls, cups
– Tin box’s and old filing cabinets
– Brushes/brooms
– Climbing gear
– Ladders (as high as a base fence)
– AA & AAA batteries
– Tarpaulins
– Binoculars/telescope
– Wheelbarrow
– Shovels, pick axes
– Wood burners
– Leisure batteries/car batteries
– Metal bins

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