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35th Anniversary (2017)

“I can’t believe we still have to protest this shit!”

It’s a cliché, we know. But it’s also, unfortunately, very true. This page where we’ll publish all the needed info about upcoming anniversary events and actions you’d want to keep an eye for. In the meanwhile: remember that every day is a party day: when you get to this age, the exact date of a birthday hardly matters anymore. We’re welcoming everybody to participate the fun and games available. No racism, no homophobia, no sexism: just direct action.

What is the birthday camp about?
The Faslane Peace Camp is a permanent protest camp dedicated to campaign and carry out direct actions against nuclear weapons and related madness since 1982, and celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year. And as we are a protest site dedicated to direct action – what would be more suitable way to celebrate than by sending out this open invitation to all of you good folks out there. From the midst of this nuclear madness we’re reaching out for you: from eco freaks to anti militarists, from peace activists to poets, from civil disobedients to legal supporters – come and join us in festivities of music, mischief and creative madness!

You’re welcome as an individual to plot and plan festivities with us, and just as free to come in with your own band of buddies and run your own show – with a little help from us, if needed.

When is the party?
We’ve decided to stick to the official 35th Anniversary birthday on 12th of June; but please, in the name of common sense, don’t get stuck on that one date. As hard as we’ve tried, nobody has been able to scavenge up the exact date when this all begun, and in the same spirit we’re also not limiting the festivities on one certain date. Every day is a party day:

How do we party?
Two words: get creative. Lock in, on or under. Run, dance, paint or play. If you cannot join us at the camp or come and give your message of disapproval directly to the Faslane Naval Base (HMNB Clyde, by its official name), create a congratulations card by carrying out an action of solidarity elsewhere (Lockheed Martin, Babcock International, BAE Systems, Serco,  G4S, etc, etc. have infrastructure and equipment all over the planet) – weapons manufacturers, transport companies and security companies related to nuclear weapons do not exist only in Scotland.

What do we offer?
Accommodation in caravans and busses: but if you insist, bringing in and pitching up your tent is also a possibility. Showers, toilets, cooking facilities, legal support and lots of friends, old and new.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Many things are possible to arrange, especially if getting a heads up in advance.

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