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March 20, 2017


Once again an ultra-dangerous Nuclear Convoy has been spotted leaving Burghfield this morning. We’re pretty sure that this one will be travelling all the way to Coulport because of previous dummy runs and other activities by the megadeath merchants of disaster.

RNAD Coulport (Royal Naval Armament Depot Coulport) is on the eastern shore of Loch Long at the end of the B833 road on the Rosneath peninsula, and situated opposite Ardentinny on the western shore. The depot is at the end of an unclassified MoD road which begins near Garelochhead. “This wide, high quality, and substantially straight and level road was designed and constructed by the MoD to provide easy access for road convoys transporting nuclear warheads.”

The convoys normally pass London on the M25, travel on to the M1/A1 to Newcastle then either West to the A74 or North around Edinburgh. In the past the majority of Trident convoys have travelled through the centre of Glasgow on the M8.

Please let us know if you see this convoy by calling:

Faslane Peace Camp: 07376 188 216 (please keep trying if you can’t get through – the MoD regularly jam and block our signal)

Nukewatch South: 0345 4588 364

Nukewatch North: 0345 4588 365

Nukewatch Mob: 07796 226 488

For more information about Britains nuclear convoy’s see the “spotters guide“, convoy routes and warhead assembly, transport and storage.

Keep your eyes peeled and please don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving.


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